In the changing world of healthcare, presenting a clear fundraising message has become essential. With a variety of perceptions on healthcare by individuals in our communities, presenting our needs and how we look to improve the health of the community is at the core of any hospital fundraising message. Financial needs in hospitals continue to increase and our clients continue to have success raising money for capital programs and endowment. We focus on engaging community leadership to help present the healthcare fundraising message and secure community support. For details on our hospital services, click here.


In recent years, we have witnessed a heightened awareness of the value of hospice in the continuum of healthcare services available in communities. Hospices have very specific challenges including determining when to ask their constituents for gifts after an appropriate bereavement period, properly promoting memorial gifts as a way to recognize individuals, determining the best approach when asking for a major gift, and emphasizing the importance of estate gifts and their benefits to the donor and the organization. Our work with our hospice clients focuses on relationships with families and working to secure ongoing support from those who have received services and support from their hospice organization. Whether in a capital campaign or building endowment to support the operation, we continue to see expanded opportunity for hospices to be successful in increasing their fundraising results. For details on our hospice services, click here.

Community Nonprofits

The number of organizations vying for charitable dollars and community attention continues to grow. One of the key success factors for community nonprofits is having a sound plan and marketing effort for the fundraising program. Pride’s work with community nonprofits includes identifying the best prospective donors and developing strategies for securing charitable support. We understand smaller organizations have limitations on the scope of the fundraising program they can manage. Pride focuses its work with community nonprofits on the efficient use of financial and staff resources to implement a successful fundraising effort. Whether seeking significant capital support or increasing ongoing giving, a customized development program is developed for each Pride client. For details on our community nonprofit services, click here.