The PRIDE Experience

“From  the onsite visits, workshops and seminars to the resource library, Pride Philanthropy has shepherded the Fulton County Medical Center Foundation through the necessary steps in establishing several new successful giving clubs.  The experienced staff provides personalized and customized services that work in our rural setting.  I can describe Pride Philanthropy in one word:  GOLD.”

-Michael Straley, Executive Director
Fulton County Medical Center Foundation
McConnellsburg, PA

Campaign Success

“I’ve had the good fortune of working with the Pride Philanthropy team for almost 30 years.  Their model of volunteer engagement and an emphasis on providing service and education on healthcare and enhanced recognition for our donors is an absolute recipe for success.  Pride’s personalized and customized services are almost like having another FTE on your staff.  Their experience in healthcare philanthropy is second to none.”

-Ken Coffey, Executive Director
Self Regional Healthcare Foundation
Greenwood, SC

“Pride Philanthropy was invaluable in helping to define our need, case for support, and campaign direction. In the first year we raised $4.4 million toward our three-year goal of $8 million.”

-Jane DiGirolamo, Vice President of Development
Montgomery Hospice
Rockville, MD

“We raised $3.6 million on a $3 million goal for our Langdale Hospice House. Pride provided behind the scenes guidance, support and direction throughout our campaign. We couldn’t have done it without them.”

-Elizabeth Vickers, Foundation Director
South Georgia Medical Center Foundation
Valdosta, GA

“I have worked with Pride Philanthropy for over twenty years. Their services remain invaluable to our fundraising successes and achievement of raising over $50 million at the Medical Center of Central Georgia in Macon. The Pride staff brings integrity, creativity and boundless energy to the working relationship. Their work and guidance are always fresh. Pride executives are highly intelligent, innovative, and contemporary in their approach. These professional pluses are enhanced by human kindness. To have a member of Pride on your team is to have a friend and a professional partner. “

-Ethel Cullinan, PhD, FAHP, FACHE, CHE, President and CEO
Medcen Community Health Foundation
Macon, GA

“I feel very fortunate to be able to work with PRIDE.  It was their insight many years ago that moved FMH from being an event based fundraising organization to a fundraising structure that focused on giving clubs.  This is a sustainable model that has proven itself time and time again as we he celebrated successful capital campaigns and maintained a high level of charitable support during non-campaign years.  They have truly become part of our hospital’s family and I cannot imagine not having them available at the other end of the phone on any given day.”

-Robin Rose, Vice President & Chief Development Officer
Frederick Regional Health System
Frederick, MD

Hospice Fundraising

“I highly recommend Pride Philanthropy to any not-for-profit agency.  They have a particular understanding and awareness of the opportunities and challenges in Hospice fundraising.”

-Rebecca Rogers, Major/Planned Gifts Officer
Hospice of Marion County
Ocala, FL

“One of the things that most impressed me was their ability to listen to our concerns and customize our program based on our demographics, etc.”

-Laurel Cucchi, Development Council Chair
Hospice of Frederick County
Frederick, MD


“The seminar was everything we had hoped – learning new things from other hospitals to new information from Pride Philanthropy. We couldn’t do this without you!”

-Alice Gandy, Foundation Coordinator
Claiborne Healthcare
Homer, LA

“Another great seminar! For those who are new to Foundation, this gives an excellent overview and provides a framework for goal-setting. For those of us who are familiar with the topics, Pride Philanthropy seminars are invigorating and allow me to re-focus my energies on our critical goals.”

-Katy Olsen, Foundation Director
Crittenton Hospital Medical Center
Rochester, MI