1) Use the same colors and design

Use these in your logo, printed materials and overall brand, including website, email campaigns, social media and printed material.

2) Brand email communications to your donors 

Brand your email consistent with your website. You have just three seconds to capture attention and don’t want donors spending that time trying to determine who you are. Have your web designer create an html email campaign template that matches your website when you are setting up or redesigning your site.

3) Keep your navigation simple and easy

Have a prominent DONATE NOW button on every page. Visitors to your site know what they are looking for (contact information, services, etc.), so make it easy for them to find gift information.

4) Have your donation page clearly state it is secure 

With so much online fraud these days, assure donors their information will be protected.

5) Use graphics for links and make sure any graphics have links

Too much text with links embedded will be lost. Use bold colors so the buttons stand out and draw the eye to them.  Make existing graphics actionable to get to the most out of their use.

6) Beware the scroll

Often, visitors to your site will not scroll down your home page to find information, especially if they are in a hurry. Don’t use up valuable real estate “above the line” with pictures. Include all pertinent information at the top so they won’t miss anything important.

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