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Get The Appointment First

Here’s the thing: In order to make the ask, we need to get the appointment. A pesky detail, that; but one which may not be overlooked. We must first schedule the visit. As such, it is difficult to overstate the importance of this conversation. The best call is peer-to-peer. Ideally made by a volunteer with a […]

New HIPAA Rules Impacting the Development Office

Fundraisers need to understand a handful of the provisions within the recently released HIPAA modifications: Opting Out All fundraising communication – where a gift is sought or an event invitation included – must now offer an opt-out, which “should not cause the individual to incur an undue burden, or more than a nominal cost.”  Providing an […]

Going Up? What To Include In Your Elevator Speech

Can you tell your story in 140 characters or less? Relax. This isn’t twitter. You’ve got all the time in the world, relatively speaking, that is. It’s the elevator speech. That concise case statement we have the opportunity to deliver more times than we likely realize. Here’s your chance. Three floors to make your case. […]


No. A single syllable. So final. It can end a conversation like a stop sign. It has a singular ability to derail a solicitation visit. Our mistake is to read too much into no, assuming that no means never. No means not this project, not the requested amount, not the suggested pledge period or type […]

Ten Steps To Conquer Year End Appeal

It’s that year end appeal time of year again. Knowing all your competitors have already drafted compelling appeals to compete with yours can be intimidating.  How to start? What to say that has not been said before? Before you get overwhelmed, just think — simple and friendly, and follow the steps below.  Divide each component […]

What’s the Essential Question?

Key to educating board members and other development volunteers and helping them feel comfortable making solicitation calls is being certain they are well informed. To be successful ambassadors, they need details on the organization, foundation, and project for which funds are being raised. Try asking your volunteers in either a group brainstorming setting or one on one […]

Ten Tips for the Asking

How can you be a better fundraiser?  Try these simple tips: 1 – Make your own gift first.  Asking someone to do something you have not done weakens your appeal. 2 – The solicitor should make his or her own appointments.   This conveys a much greater sense of importance. 3 – Meet in person.  Face to face […]

Can You Come Out To Play?

Are your volunteers comfortable asking for charitable gifts?  A face to face ask for money from a friend or business associate can be awkward and even threatening.  Fortunately, simple strategies exist to reduce the stress level and even encourage reluctant fundraisers. How can you motivate volunteers to ask for your organization?  One time-tested strategy is to engage them in a role play that simulates the […]

Are You a Perfect 10?

You have identified and researched your non-profit’s top prospective donors. Now what?  The next step is often a “Prospect Rating Session” with four primary goals: – Determine gift range by dollar amount – Discuss areas of potential interest and possible naming opportunities – Decide the best solicitor or team of solicitors – Develop timeframe and approach for […]

Making Leadership Gift Approaches

IDENTIFY Seek prospects with these attributes: – Resources to make the level gift you are seeking – Inclination and history of contributing to your charity – Strong relationship with someone in your organization – History of giving to any charity, preferably at this level RESEARCH – What is their giving history to your organization? – […]

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