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Don’t Fall In Love With The Tactic

In my first book – TRUISMS of Fundraising – I discuss communication in a chapter entitled, “Hit Your Target.” While social media was not top of mind, the basic tenets of message and communication strike me as particularly timely. At the risk of reading like an Abbott and Costello routine, by applying the ‘Who – […]

T’was The Season!

Turns out 2012 year-end online giving was strong, posting a 16.7% increase in dollars, and an 8.1% in number of gifts over the final quarter of 2011. The welcome holiday results follow a lackluster summer. The Network for Good data plots Monday as the biggest single day, and again shows midday as the busiest time.

Online Engagement

The Nonprofit Social Network Benchmark Report uncovered significant growth in Facebook and Twitter communities, and a corresponding increase in budget and staff allocations. The study projected the average cost of a Facebook like at $3.50 and a Twitter follower at $2.05; and went on to speculate that a Facebook “like” is worth $214.81 over the […]

Raising Money Online Is Harder Than It Sounds

The January 7th issue of The Economist featured an interesting piece on social media and fundraising. In an article entitled One Thousand Points of Like, the magazine opined that, “raising money online is harder than it sounds.” Imagine that. The virtual space is flooded with social-networking tools and apps, offered to raise money for charitable […]


A recent addition to the pop marketing book category is Aaron Shapiro’s Users: Who Really Determines the Success of Your Business.  Nothing earth shattering here, but as Gene Rebeck pointed out in his review, the author’s focus bears repeating. It also translates well for the not-for-profit sector in general, and fundraising in particular. Organizations must […]

Is Social Media Squandering Your Most Precious Resource?

We all have limited resources. As fundraisers, we might appropriately list time and relationships at the top our lists. Let’s take a few moments to think about resource allocation; specifically, that precious and finite resource of time. How much time do you spend on social networking? What percentage of your time do you give to […]

Turn School Spirit into Donations Using Social Media

In our recent informal review of alumni associations of large and small universities, we found those with the most active community (and highest donations) engaged their alumni in social media as well as through mail and email. Like any other solicitation, there is no substitute for personal contact. Some tips for connecting on Facebook and Twitter: […]

Facebook’s New Face: Pro or Con?

Facebook is making big changes in how it organizes and displays information about people who create profiles on the site. And nonprofits stand to benefit from the new format. Until now, Facebook, by far the world’s largest social network, has organized information on a person’s profile pages in reverse chronological order. When a charity supporter […]

Get Your Facebook On!

Opening new doors to your nonprofit though social channels is becoming critical to stay connected with your loyal supporters and gain exposure to potential donors and volunteers. The greatest value of social media is derived from engaging in “conversation” on these networks.  Real stories which put a human face on your organization not only provide an emotional […]

Technology? You can do IT

Nonprofit operating budgets are tight, but with creativity and minimal investment, you can take new, inexpensive approaches to traditional vehicles. The constant wave of new and better quality software and video cameras allows us to reach ever broader and more diverse potential constituencies. It is not expensive or even complicated to create a compelling video […]

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