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A Year-End Checklist

For many reasons – some practical, some emotional, and some which defy all reason – December 31st is an important annual milestone, creating opportunity and urgency for donors and charities. And so, as another year winds down, there are several things good development officers will be doing: Remind everyone that gifts received by December 31 […]

Autumn Leaves

Hear that rustling sound? Could it be the autumn wind?  Perhaps falling leaves?  Or is it the turning of the calendar, revealing the fourth quarter?  It could even be your donors, opening their year-end appeal, or their checkbooks. Yep.  Another year has turned into the home stretch.  It’s time for the sprint to year-end. Development […]

Plan Now for a Successful Year-End Appeal

Let’s consider a few steps to improve the success of your year-end appeal: Segment The Mailing Your database should allow you to segment your mailing by key constituencies. At a minimum, segment your mailing by readily identifiable groups – current donors, recently lapsed donors, event attendees, employees, physicians, volunteers, etc. – adjusting the message to […]

Part 1 of 3: Story Telling In Philanthropy

First of a three-part series by Larry Warkoczeski As Peter crawled into the dark, dank cave, he breathed deeply. He felt like he was carrying a ton of bricks on his shoulders. In fact, he was anticipating another failure, finding no hidden treasures to help better define the past. He knew he was perceived as […]

It’s That Time of Year!

You can feel it. A little crispness in the morning, chilly evenings, and the first hint of color in the trees. The pace has picked up in the development office, as well. We’ve turned the calendar to reveal the fourth quarter, and started the sprint to year-end. Among the to-do list is the traditional year-end […]

Sustaining Donor Pool With Giving Clubs

Demands on not-for-profit organizations’ fundraising programs have never been higher. With the pressure on for the big gifts necessary to make large goals possible, it is easy to neglect annual giving. Nonetheless, successful development offices sustain activity and results in each component of the program – Signature, Special, Corporate, Planned, and Annual gifts. Now, during […]

An Encouraging Barometer

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the Heart of Florida United Way boasted a jump of 10% in its annual campaign. Like many charities, the organization experienced a drop in giving as a result of the great recession, but – in what could be seen as yet another sign that the economy is recovering – experienced […]


41%.   That’s it.   41%. That’s the median US charity’s donor retention rate.   According to the Fundraising Effectiveness Project (FEP) – a 10-year study, launched in 2006 by AFP and the Urban Institute’s Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy – 59% of the median NPO’s 2009 donors did not give again in 2010. 41%. […]

Finish Strong

The end of another year is upon us.   All good charities are busy tallying their year-end-appeal response rates.   Now is not the time to sit back, and hope those reply envelopes just keep pouring in. Here are five things you can do now to finish strong: The place to start is a simple […]

Holiday Giving Matters

According to a Red Cross poll, almost 70% of Americans believe it is important to give to charity this holiday season.  That’s a 10% increase from last year.  Interestingly, however, only 57% actually intend to make a gift by year-end. That number is unchanged. As donors get ready to face the fourth holiday season of […]

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