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Using Printed Materials to Support Your Giving Clubs

by Trish Williams, Client Resource Specialist, Pride Philanthropy Is print dead?  Not quite yet. Despite the shift to digital information, printed materials still have many benefits and should continue to be an integral part of your strategic marketing plan for your giving clubs.  Some of those benefits include: Branding – Print materials give you an […]

Using Video to Tell Your Story

by Lucy Lyons, Client Service Specialist As the scope and impact of social media continues to grow, it is becoming easier to share a variety of content with a large audience. For many organizations, video is quickly becoming a more accessible and appealing medium when seeking charitable support as well as a greater web presence. […]

Entitlement & the Nonprofit

by Kelley Nan Lopez, Executive Director of Operations, Pride Philanthropy It is no secret that a sense of entitlement is becoming more prevalent, especially in today’s younger generation. Generally speaking, the abundance of material possessions children have compared to two decades ago is staggering. Families live beyond their means, not just to make ends meet, […]

Reviewing Your Policies and Procedures

by Beth McCall, Consulting Director, Pride Philanthropy We all have that notebook sitting on our shelves or in a file on our laptop:  our articles of incorporation, our by-laws and our policies and procedures. All have been approved by our board, all are to be used to guide our organizations and recognize our donors – […]

So Much To Do and So Little Time: Coordinating Volunteers

by Joni King, Senior Vice President, Pride Philanthropy If your role is to help identify, recruit, train, motivate, and coordinate volunteers, you know that it can be seriously hard, but necessary, work for the success of your organization.  A volunteer-based program doesn’t happen overnight – even if you have been in volunteer management for years, […]

The Power of Presentation

by Trish Williams – Client Resource Specialist, Pride Philanthropy A well thought-out presentation can be a great tool to help keep your audience captivated, and provide accent for your topic.  However, there are a number of factors that go into making a successful presentation. Here are a few things to keep in mind when putting […]

Everyone Knows We’re a Charity, Don’t They?

Most of us who work in the nonprofit field understand the organizations we represent are mission-driven charitable entities deserving of philanthropic support. Too often that message is not as obvious to others. This is particularly true in the healthcare field where in the effort to behave more businesslike has, in some ways, resulted in our […]

Website Analytics: Tracking Your Online Visitors

With the increase of online donations and interactions, your website is a key component of your organization.  But these days it is not enough to just have a website – you need to know how your website is performing in order to maximize the benefits of having an online presence.  Here are a few important […]

Effective Communication Techniques

by Kelley Nan Lopez, Executive Director of Operations, Pride Philanthropy We live in an age of connectivity and reachability. Once upon a time, if you placed a phone call and didn’t reach someone, you would leave a message and wait for their return call. Or maybe you sent a letter and waited for a reply […]

The Beauty of the Consent Agenda

An excerpt from the forthcoming book “TRUISMS for Trustees,” by T. Christian Rollins, MBA, CFRE, Chief Development Officer at Samaritan Healthcare & Hospice in Marlton, NJ, and author of TRUISMS of Fundraising.   Many organizations use the consent agenda to improve the efficiency and productivity of their board meetings, enabling them to focus on their primary […]

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