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Finish Strong

The end of another year is upon us.   All good charities are busy tallying their year-end-appeal response rates.   Now is not the time to sit back, and hope those reply envelopes just keep pouring in.

Here are five things you can do now to finish strong:

  1. The place to start is a simple LYBUNT report. Identify those donors who made a gift “last year, but unfortunately not (yet) this” year.   A personal reminder to these previous contributors, encouraging them to sustain their important and appreciated support, may prove to be your single most productive and efficient effort.
  2. Review your notes for both major and planned gift prospects who may respond to year-end tax considerations.   Where appropriate, reach out personally.
  3. Take a look at all current pledge balances.   Might any of your best donors appreciate a gentle and timely reminder before the 31st?   You have an obligation to remind those who intended to make an installment this year.
  4. Are there any outstanding participants to your annual fund?   Help those trustees or volunteers who acknowledged the expectation that they would make an unrestricted annual gift.
  5. Review your giving clubs for any recently lapsed memberships.   These donors might appreciate a friendly reminder to renew their membership and retain their recognition.

Take these steps now.   The clock is running.   Finish strong!

T. Christian Rollins, MBA, CFRE

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