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Monthly Archives: September, 2011

Turn School Spirit into Donations Using Social Media

In our recent informal review of alumni associations of large and small universities, we found those with the most active community (and highest donations) engaged their alumni in social media as well as through mail and email. Like any other solicitation, there is no substitute for personal contact. Some tips for connecting on Facebook and Twitter: […]

Facebook’s New Face: Pro or Con?

Facebook is making big changes in how it organizes and displays information about people who create profiles on the site. And nonprofits stand to benefit from the new format. Until now, Facebook, by far the world’s largest social network, has organized information on a person’s profile pages in reverse chronological order. When a charity supporter […]

Get Social: Join the “Haves”

Is your nonprofit in the half that has fully embraced social media as “active users”?  Statistics from the Weber Shandwick Social Impact Study in a recent Advanced Solutions International whitepaper show 51% of nonprofits as active social media users, 88% as experimenting, and 92% as confirming it has increased awareness of their organization. Sites such as Facebook, […]

Charities Fight Back

Nonprofits are gearing up to fight President Obama’s plan to pay for his jobs bill in part by limiting charitable deductions. Mr. Obama wants to limit the amount all wealthy people can write off for charitable gifts as well as housing, medical expenses, and other items. Nonprofit leaders say that a curb on deductions will stifle […]

How 9-11 Changed Charity in America

Americans donated a record-breaking $2.8 billion to help the victims of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack—the first time there was such an outpouring in response to a disaster—and it set the stage for future disaster relief efforts.   Four years later, Americans set another record, giving $5.3 billion to help the survivors of hurricane […]

Giving What It Takes

Philanthropy is no longer just checkbooks and charity balls. Celebrities and CEOs looking to make a real impact hire philanthropic strategists, according to a recent article about giving in Destinations magazine. The philanthropic advisor is a relatively new phenomenon which relates to the increasing sophistication of philanthropists, reports Trevor Neilson, a strategist who after working in […]

Tell Me More; Sell Me More

What part of fundraising elicits the most trepidation? Identifying the best prospects? Piece of cake. Telling your story? Easy with a compelling case for support and a healthy dose of passion. Oftentimes, it is simply making that first phone call to a potential donor.  Even the most passionate board member or experienced development director may struggle with what to say. […]

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