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Planning Essentials: A Staff-Volunteer Partnership

At least annually, consider scheduling a focused planning session with your key volunteers, then incorporate their thoughts and yours into your development calendar, goals, objectives and timetables.

The advantages to this process are numerous:

– Helps assure realistic goals and objectives based on historical data, your constituency and economic forces so goals can be challenging yet realistic

– Involves the “right” people at appropriate levels and allows for collective buy-in not only from development volunteers, but also from each responsible staff person 

– Helps employees outside the development department understand and appreciate your role in the organization

– Assures everyone is results-oriented with specific, definable goals and deadlines

– Enhances accountability as clearly established objectives allow us to break tasks into manageable components with responsibilities specifically defined

– Provides the basis for a control system as once your plans are established, they can be shared, monitored and adjusted as necessary to meet objectives and deadlines

– Helps keep the priorities at the forefront while reducing the potential for “continual absorption” when unforeseen tasks are added throughout the year 

– Assures a fair evaluation because comparing year end outcomes with goals results in a fair, productive benchmark for those responsible for achieving the planned objectives

– Enhances professionalism as a systematic approach to goals and objectives allows you to better understand and explain your priorities to others

– Helps raise more money because a well constructed operational plan that has assessed fundraising potential, established clear and realistic objectives, includes action plans, has effective methods for monitoring along the way, and concludes with a fair evaluation will produce the best overall results for your non-profit.

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