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As the leading national fundraising firm for over 90 years, PRIDE helps nonprofit organizations maximize their fundraising potential. With each organization, we provide a customized approach to exceed financial results.

Our services extend from online video conferencing, to onsite staff support, and destination seminars. Whether your nonprofit is new to fundraising, a well established development program, a small shop, or a large institution or system, PRIDE offers development staff and volunteer networking and support to help you surpass your financial expectations.

If you need to raise more money in less time, call or click today for a free consultation.


“The seminar was everything we had hoped – learning new things from other hospitals to new information from Pride Philanthropy. We couldn’t do this without you!”

-Alice Gandy, Foundation Coordinator Claiborne Healchare Foundation

“My experience with Pride’s Prospect Research has been extremely helpful to identify previous gifts and interests of potential donors. We often “know of” our prospects, but little else. This research helps us to connect the dots in many instances. I highly recommend this service.”

-Jeigh Stipe, Foundation Coordinator Lourdes Foundation

“Pride Philanthropy was invaluable in helping to define our need, case for support, and campaign direction. In the first year we raised $4.4 million toward our three-year goal of $8 million.”

-Jane DiGirolamo, Vice President of Development Montgomery Hospice

“We recently raised $3.6 million on a $3 million goal for our Langdale Hospice House. Pride provided behind the scenes guidance, support and direction throughout our campaign. We couldn’t have done it without them.”

-Elizabeth Vickers, Foundation Director South Georgia Medical Center Foundation


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